Club Teams

Teams will be chosen nearer the start of the season to represent KLBC in the following events

Men's Events

Ed Angel Triples at West Point Grey

This year KLBC will have two teams in this league

Pennant League

Last year KLBC had three teams in this league

Whiskey Bowl v Dunbar LBC

Number of teams dependent on availability by both clubs

Ladies Events

Westside Women's League at West Point Grey

This year KLBC will have one team in this event

Pennant League

Last year KLBC did not enter any teams in this event

Mixed or Open Events

Elm Park Triples League at KLBC

Last year KLBC entered four teams in this event

President's Cup at Granville Park LBC

One team from KLBC comprised of Board Members only

Top Ten Tournament

One KLBC team of ten players with a minimum of four players from each sex

In addition there are a huge number of tournaments that are played at different clubs around the Vancouver and District area on most weekends throughout the season. Some of these require team members to be from the same club, others allow teams to be comprised of players from different clubs. See the V&D Handbook for details