The Diamond Doubles

The History of the Diamond Doubles

The Diamond Doubles was started by John Bruce in 1990 to commemorate the Kerrisdale Bowls Club’s 75th Diamond Anniversary.  It is played in a ‘mixed pairs’ format. It was initially run as a straight knock-out event, which allowed 32 teams to play in a tournament hosted by a one green club.


Originally this was a ‘closed club’ event and teams were randomly placed in the morning or afternoon draws. A full entry of 32 teams played 18 end games in a straight knock-out format.


In 2009 the format was changed to encourage entries.  Although still knock-out, ‘A’ and ‘B’ flights were introduced to guarantee everyone 2 games.  The 2 Monday games were 14 ends; all other games were still 18 ends. 


At some time in the past it became an ‘open club’ event and more recently different formats were tried, over one or two days.

2020 Tournament to be held on Wednesday 24th June


In 2020 the event will take place all on one day. It will be ‘open club’, played in a 4-bowl mixed pairs format, with 4 x 10-end games.


Over the years, one of the best aspects of the Diamond Doubles is that it has always attracted a wide range of entrants, from local, recreational bowlers to National and International Champions, juniors and seniors, first year members and bowlers with decades of experience.