The Elm Park Triples

History of the Elm Park Triples

The Elm Park Triples was started by David Smith in 2019. It is a ‘closed club’, ‘open gender’, triples tournament played throughout the season as a full Round Robin event.


It is a fun, but competitive, league designed to encourage new bowlers, and formerly social bowlers, to take their first step into more competitive play. More experienced bowlers are asked to see it as an opportunity to help their less experienced club players to make this transition. It also provides the opportunity for club bowlers to meet and socialise with bowlers from other clubs.


The social side of the league is very important, so refreshments play an important part. Kerrisdale LBC provides the coffee and tea and all the teams take it in turns to provide the snacks each week. 


Teams comprise three players and two spares of either gender from the same club. Any three of these five players can play in any position (skip, vice or lead) for any game. In addition, any other member of their club can be used as a spare, but that person is not allowed to play as the skip.


1. This is an open gender triples league, consisting of up to 16 teams playing a full round robin. All members of the team must belong to the same club. Every team will play every other team once. The format will be three bowls per player, played over 14 ends per game.


2. All games will be played at Kerrisdale LBC each Tuesday, starting  at 10:00 am on 5th May [Trial ends 9.45 am]. A bell will be rung at 12:30 and the game will end at the completion of the current end, unless the game results in a tie, in which case the tie-break end must be played, even if it starts or continues beyond 12:30.


3. In a tied game, 1 extra tie-break end will be played. Toss for who goes first. Each team member bowls ONLY 1 bowl in normal order of play. See Appendix A.


4. Make up games will be played as 10 end games, with 2 games played on the week following the cancelled game. These two games together will be restricted to a playing time of 3 hours maximum because the green is not available to us after 1.15 pm. See Appendix B.


5. Games will be played under modified Bowls Canada Rules. No ends will be declared ‘dead’. If the jack is moved to a position where it becomes a dead jack, it is to be re-spotted on the ‘T’ or closest point as per Crystal Mark 3 rules. A golf tee sunk into the grass is the ‘T’, however, spotted and re-spotted jacks should be sat ON the golf tee and not behind it.


6. Team uniforms or whites are encouraged.


7. There is no limit on substitutions except that all players on a team must be members of the same club.  See Appendix C. No substitutions will be allowed during the game.  If a player drops out mid game, the ‘3 on 2’ rule will apply. See Appendix D - Option 2.

8. Scoring:                  Tournament Points:                                               Game Points:

                                    2 points for a win                                                   Maximum of + 10 points

                                    1 point for the losing team in a tied game            0 points each team

                                    0 points for a loss                                                   no minus points

8. Scoring:

Tournament Points:

2 points for a win; 1 point for the losing team in a tied game; 0 points for a loss.

Game Points:

Maximum of + 10 points; 0 points for either team in a tied game; no minus points for a losing team.

9. There will be no official Umpire.  If one is required, any qualified Umpire not involved in the game    in question may be called upon.  Any problem, dispute or disagreement not covered by the rule     book will be resolved by a meeting of the teams’ representative and the event organisers.


10. If  a  tie  results  after  completion  of  the  Round  Robin games, the winner shall be the team who       bested the other team when they met in the Round Robin.

Appendix A

Elm Park Triples League - Tied Games

When the 14 end game ends in a tie, an extra end is played. This ‘extra’ end starts with a toss to see who goes first [exactly the same as at the start of the match].


Whoever wins the toss gets to choose to take the mat or to give it away.


The Lead with the mat can place it legally wherever they choose and roll the jack to whatever legal length they choose. [If illegal jack, then the other team lead rolls it as for normal play.]


When the jack has been set, the Lead of the team that is first to go rolls ONE bowl.


The opposing Lead rolls ONE bowl, then the Vices roll ONE bowl each, and the Skips roll ONE bowl each.


Nearest legal bowl to the jack wins. This end score is NOT added to the match score. Please leave the match result as it was after 14 ends, but indicate which team won by putting a ‘W’ against that team on the scorecard.


The winning team gets 2 Tournament Points and 0 [zero] Game Points.


The losing team gets 1 Tournament Point and 0 [zero] Game Points.

Appendix B

Elm Park Triples League - Re-arranged Games

If it becomes necessary to cancel a game for any reason, such as heavy rain, we will play two games the following Tuesday.


It will still be necessary for the overall play to be completed by 1.15 pm so that the green is available for KLBC club bowlers to use in the afternoon. Because of this, the rules will be modified as follows for these two games :-


1).        Play will start at 9.45 am.


2).        There will be no trial ends.


3).        Both games will be reduced to ten end only games.


4).       For  the  first two ends, the team winning the end will score 1 point only. This is to compensate              for the removal of the trial ends.


5).       The  bell  will  be  rung  at  11.15 am  for  the  completion  of  the  first game and 1.00 pm for the              completion of the second.


6).      Rules  regarding  completing  the  end  being  played, playing tie-break ends and all other rules             remain unchanged.

Appendix C

Elm Park Triples League - Spares

Each team can have up to five Registered Bowlers.


Any three of the five can play in any game in any position [Skip, Vice, Lead].


No registered player can be a part of more than one team.


Any other member of your own club can play for your team as an unregistered spare for up to three games, but they cannot play as the Skip. That same member can play for another team, up to a further three games, as an unregistered spare.


The Registered Bowlers are those listed on your Entry Form. Your Team Organiser/Skip may change the team players, or add additional players up to the maximum of five, by contacting me by email before the Entry Closing Date.


No additions or changes will be allowed to the Registered Bowlers after this date.

Appendix D

Elm Park Triples League - 5 Player Bowls Game [3 on 2]

This rule applies in this triples league if a team can only field two players on any given day.


Option 1.


The match can be re-arranged privately to play on a different day at a different venue, but only if the Skip of the Triples Team and the Event Organiser are agreeable. This match has to be completed before the following Tuesday and the result emailed to before 6.00pm on the preceding Monday so the overall Tournament Results Sheet includes this result when it is posted on the Tuesday. Noncompliance results in both teams scoring zero points.


Option 2.


Until further notice, the following form of 3[triple] on 2[pair] will be used :-


The Lead of the Pairs Team bowls 4 bowls. Everybody else bowls 3 bowls each.


The Lead of the Triples Team always bowls their 3 bowls consecutively.


If the Triples Team has the mat, the Lead rolls the Jack and then their 3 bowls. After that the Lead of the Pairs Team bowls their first bowl and play continues as normal.


If the Pairs Team has the mat, the Lead rolls the Jack and then their 1st bowl. After that the Lead of the Triples Team rolls all 3 of their bowls and then play continues as normal.


At the conclusion of the end, all bowls score as normal. At the end of the match there is NO % deduction of score for the Pairs Team.


[The alternative system of both Skips bowling 3 bowls each, the Pairs Lead bowling 4 bowls, the Triples Vice and Lead bowling only 2 bowls each, then deducting 25% of the Pairs score at the end of the game doesn’t seem to work. The Triples Vice and Lead only bowling 2 bowls each don’t seem to be able to get settled into the game, so the ‘non-offending’ (the team that turned up with the correct number of players,3) team gets too heavily penalised.]