The Elm Park Triples

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photo courtesy Brian Thomson

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Final Team Standings 2021

History of the Elm Park Triples

The Elm Park Triples was started by David Smith in 2019. It is a closed club, mixed triples tournament played throughout the season as a full round-robin event.

It is intended to be a fun, but competitive league and was originally designed to encourage new bowlers, and formerly social bowlers, to transition into more competitive play.

Experienced bowlers are asked to see the league as an opportunity to help less experienced club players make this transition into inter-club competition. It also provides the opportunity for club bowlers to meet and socialize with bowlers from other clubs.

The social side of the league is very important, so refreshments play an important part. The Kerrisdale club provides the coffee and tea, while all the teams take turns each week providing the snacks. 

Teams are comprised of three players and two spares, if desired, of any gender from the same club. Any three of these five players can play in any position (skip, vice or lead) for any game. In addition, any other member of their club can be used as a spare, but that person is not allowed to play as the skip.

The Richmond 1 club team of Heng Lee. Rainbow Lung, Spencer Yeung and spares Cary Ip and Joe Chan were the inaugural winners in 2019. The 2020 season had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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photo courtesy Brian Thomson


The Elm Park Triples is an open gender triples league, consisting of up to 16 teams playing a weekly, full round-robin schedule.

All members of the team must belong to the same club. Every team will play every other team once. The format will be three bowls per player, played over 14 ends per game.

All games will be played at the Kerrisdale Lawn Bowling Club, starting at 10 a.m. on the first Tuesday in May (Trial ends at 9.45 a.m).

A bell will be rung at 12:30 p.m. and the game will end at the completion of the current end, unless the game results in a tie, in which case the tie-break end must be played, even if it starts or continues beyond 12:30 p.m.

In a tied game, one extra tie-break end will be played. Toss must be made for who goes first. Each team member bowls only one bowl in the normal order of play. Click to see Appendix A.

Make up games will be played as 10-end games, with two games played on the week following the cancelled game.

These two games together will be restricted to a playing time of three hours maximum because the green is not available after 1.15 p.m. Click to see Appendix B.

Games will be played under modified Bowls Canada rules. No ends will be declared dead.

If the jack is moved to a position where it becomes a dead jack, it is to be re-spotted on the T or closest point as per Crystal Mark 3 rules.

A golf tee sunk into the grass is the T, however, spotted and re-spotted jacks should be sat directly on the golf tee and not behind it.

Team uniforms or whites are encouraged.

There is no limit on substitutions, except that all players on a team must be members of the same club. Click to see Appendix C.

No substitutions will be allowed during the game. If a player drops out mid game, the three-on-two rule will apply. Click to see Appendix D - Option 2.

Scoring:                 Tournament Points:                                          Game Points:

                               2 points for a win                                              Maximum of + 10 points

                               1 point for the losing team in a tied game       0 points each team

                               0 points for a loss                                              no minus points

There will be no official umpire. If one is required, any qualified umpire not involved in the game in question may be called upon.

Any problem, dispute or disagreement not covered by the rule book will be resolved by a meeting of the teams’ representative and the event organisers.

If a tie results after completion of the round-robin games, the winner shall be the team that bested the other team when they met head-to-head in the round robin.


photo courtesy Brian Thomson