Fletcher/Folz Men’s Triples

This event was started in 2014 by David Arnott, Barrie Brown and Cathy Selzler. It started life as a 2-bowl ‘Open Club’ mixed triples tournament and it was named in honour of two members who had been very active in the club, Bill Fletcher being President for several years and Richard Folz, both of whom had died within a couple of months of each other.


In 2015 it was run as ‘The Centennial Triples’ to mark the 100 year Anniversary of KLBC.


In 2016 it reverted to the Fletcher/Folz, still in the Mixed 2-bowl triples format.


In 2017 the format was changed to 3-bowl Men’s Triples.

No tournament was held in 2018 because the date clashed with a Provincial event, so insufficient entries were received.

Rules of Engagement

Four 10 end games - two before lunch and two after lunch

Third game will start as close to 1.00pm as possible

Scoring is 3 points for a win, 1 for a tie and 0 for a losswith all shots points up (tie break will be points up then ends won)

Bell start for all games

90 minute game time limit - no jacks to be thrown after the 85 minute warning bell

Trial ends first game only (2 bowls up and down)

No burnt ends - dead jack to be spotted on the 2 meter mark

No official umpire present but qualified umpires may be participating in the tournament

Umpire kit available for delicate or long measurements, etc

It would be of great assistance if your rink equipment was placed on the equivalent E/W rink after the second game