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Norine Armstrong Triples

armstrong winners.jpg
2023 Champion

A Brief Tournament History

Norine Armstrong was an active member of the Kerrisdale Lawn Bowling Club for many years and before she passed away she bequeathed a significant sum of money to the club.

In 2007, the club decided to start an annual club mixed triples competition in her honour. This was contested every year until 2011.

Around that same time, Nancy Kumar introduced and convened a ladies inter-club triples event, with help from Pat Kost and Joyce Bolleman. However, in the years 2012 and 2013, there were insufficient entries to hold the triples event.

In the year that followed, the ladies' inter-club tournament took on the name Norine Armstrong Ladies Triples in 2014 and the use of the trophy formerly used for the internal club event.

In 2020, the Norine Armstrong Triples were played as a women’s 3-bowl competition.

It is a closed club event. All members of a team must to be current members of the same club. Associate members of a club also count as club members.

Games consist of 12 ends each, two in the morning before lunch and one in the afternoon.

Trial ends, two bowls each player x 2 ends, are played before Game 1. There are no trial ends before Games 2 and 3.

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