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The Kerrisdale Lawn Bowling Club


Kerrisdale Lawn Bowling Club began in 1915 and has occupied its current location since 1917, the longest continuous play venue in the province. There is ample free parking available on three of the streets adjacent to Elm Park. New members are encouraged and the club holds Open Days to allow anyone interested to come along and try the sport. A course of lessons, run by qualified coaches, is then offered for a small fee. This fee is deducted from the annual membership fee for those choosing to join the club.

Club members range in age from 12 to 90 and both generations enjoy the game of bowls in a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere.

Players vary in skill levels from those who come out for friendly pick-up games, which happen several times a week, to those who play competitively in local leagues and tournaments.

Gender equity is actively encouraged at Kerrisdale both on and off the green.

The clubhouse has a large meeting room, a kitchen, men's and women's locker rooms and a small office.

There is also a shaded patio. Socializing before and after games is an important part of the experience and there are pot luck dinners and barbecues throughout the season. 


Photo  courtesy Brian Thomson

The club has eight “rinks” and the outdoor lawn bowling season lasts from the end of April to the end of September. Members can use bowls provided by the club, so there is no need to purchase your own, although most players choose to purchase their own after they gain experience. Partners are not needed for pick-up games; those who show up are randomly placed on teams, promoting camaraderie. Arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled start and place your name on the board.  At Kerrisdale there is no dress code but we do have club shirts.  The only requirement is that you wear flat-soled shoes so they do not damage the grass. Hats are a good idea on sunny days. 

Most of the work at the club is done by club members who volunteer their time and many members find this aspect of belonging rewarding, but we also employ a part-time professional groundskeeper.

The Board of Directors, who manage the club and set policies, are all volunteers and are elected annually.

Club member volunteers also help set up and run events when we rent the club to organizations or employee groups that use the sport as a team-building exercise. 


Club members receive a key to the clubhouse so they can attend on their own time if they wish to practice. 

Join KLBC, meet new friends, have fun. 

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