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Online Booking

Hello everyone and welcome to the online booking page.


We are happy to announce that the Kerrisdale Lawn Bowling Club has been given the green light by Bowls BC to move ahead with a weekly intra-club schedule. You will all be sent a copy of the 2021 plan by email and everyone will be required to read it, and agree to abide by it, before they are allowed to bowl.


The main points relating to members are:




If you are sick, do not go to the club as you will be refused entry.


No one may go to the club unless they follow the approved procedures:


1).        Every visit must be pre-booked. We are limited to four rinks and 24 players per session.


2).        Every player has to sign a waiver form. This only needs to be done once for the whole season.


3).        Every player has to complete a symptom screening questionnaire every time they visit the club and the form must be handed in to the appointed monitor for that session.


4).        Everyone must be sure that their name has been logged onto the attendance register when they arrive at the club.


Anyone not complying with any of the four above items will be refused entry.


It is necessary to follow these rules or the club could be shut down, with the result that no one would then be able to bowl.


At present, there is no restriction on the number of sessions you can book for, but if it becomes apparent that some members are experiencing difficulty in finding vacant slots, then some form of rationing will be considered. 

Please arrive at the club at least 10 minutes before your session is due to start. Wait outside (patiently please) observing a three-metre physical distance, until the monitor invites you into the club one person at a time. 


According to a recent new directive from ViaSport, only club members that name Kerrisdale as their home club will be allowed to bowl at Elm Park. For the time being, Associate members, who previously belong to another bowling club, and visitors are being discouraged from attending open draws at Kerrisdale until further notice. However, new members will be welcomed to come and enjoy the game of bowls at our Elm Park club green.

Booking closes 1 hour before the start of the session

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