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News from the Greens


We are very pleased to say that KLBC has now progressed to Phase 2 of the reopening schedule.

We are now able to welcome new members and those of you wishing to give the game of lawn bowls a try.

However, this must be done following very strict guidelines. Firstly, click Contact Us and fill out the information form you find on that page. A club member will contact you directly to make the necessary arrangements.

Please be advised that play is only permissible for organised open draws and coaching. Members still need to pre-book, see below:

Hello and Welcome

Kerrisdale LBC is located in a scenic spot, nestled in the corner of Elm Park just off the edge of Kerrisdale High Street. Free parking is readily available on three of the roads surrounding Elm Park, so it is very easy to park and play. New bowlers begin with instruction from qualified coaches and the club bowls are available for use without charge for the first year. All that is required is for bowlers to wear flat soled shoes to prevent damage to the green. These coaches are also available to assist the more experienced bowlers if requested. The green is always available for practice when not being used for organised events.


Each week members of the club take part in sessions of social bowling and competitive leagues. At the social level, what can beat turning up at the club on a bright summer's day, playing a few ends of fun bowls and then sitting on the deck chatting with friendly like-minded people whilst enjoying a beverage? Some look on this as heaven.

Some members want to play the game more seriously though. At the competitive level, teams of Kerrisdale LBC players compete against teams from other clubs, both at home and away, in different leagues and tournaments throughout the summer. Some even play at Provincial and National level. Kerrisdale also hosts several of these events during the season.


Bowls isn't a sport just for men or the elderly, everyone can play. It can be a game for life. We have members as young as 12 and as old as 90 and our ladies can be as competitive as our men.

Whether you are someone unfamiliar with the game, in the early stages of learning the game or an experienced competitive player, you will find friendly members of Kerrisdale LBC that you can relate to. If you desire to play and improve your skills to compete at the highest level or you are just looking to make new friends in a sporting environment, you will be most welcome at KLBC.

If you are already a member of another outdoor club and are looking to become an Associate member at Kerrisdale to enable you to practice and play on a good grass green or maybe play with other Kerrisdale players in ‘closed’ competitions, then you too will be very welcome.

Lawn Bowls is a sport for life that can be played by people of all ages on an equal footing. However, it is particularly suitable for people approaching retirement and beyond who wish to engage in a sport that isn’t too demanding on their body, their finances or their time. Lawn bowling is ideal for the sporty person who can no longer play their preferred sport, or can no longer play it to the level they once could. It can also appeal to someone wanting to play a new sport to experience the satisfaction of getting better at playing it. It can also provide a fun session of social play followed by a drink and a chat in the clubhouse afterwards.

Kerrisdale Lawn Bowling Club     5870 Elm Street    Vancouver BC    V6N 1A7    Tel:  604-261-1116