History of our Club

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Life Members

Over the course of the club's history, there have been members who have made such an extra-ordinary contribution to the club, they have been honoured with a Life Membership.  A Life Membership entitles the honouree to the full rights and privileges of a full playing member, but the honouree is exempt from paying any membership fees.  The following is a list of the Life Members of the Kerrisdale Bowls Club and the year in which they were so honoured:

Pat Kost inducted as life member by Peter Lee, President in November 2019

||Doug Goddard   *                                                                                                 || 2011 ||

||Catherine Penny                                                                                                   || 2013 ||

||Pat Kost                                                                                                                 || 2019 ||

* deceased


Past Club Presidents

In 2013 & 2014 there was something of an inter-regnum as no one filled the Presidency per se.  For the sake of documents and forms, John Aveline was considered the president, but the club was managed by a committee who took on the various tasks required (treasurer, secretary, greens, games, house, etc,).

1  John Bruce Cowan was a local historian and playwright.  He who wrote a monograph on western painter John Innes.

2  Francis Bowser was a barrister and reeve of Point Grey 1910-1911.  The building on the SW corner of 41st and West Blvd is called the Bowser Block after Francis.  His brother William was an MLA from 1903-1924 and was the premier of BC 1915-16.

3  Fred Ellis was one of the club's top bowlers in its history and its first provincial champion.  He skipped his fours team to two consecutive Provincial Fours Championships in 1954 & 1955, in the infancy of the provincial championships.  He was also one of the committee members and umpires for the 1954 British Empire and Commonwealth Games in Vancouver.

4  Stan Carey is the only person to serve 3 separate terms as president.

5  Isobel Whitaker was not only the wife of Ted Whitaker who was president in 1957, she also donated the first Provincial Women's Pairs trophy in 1972 - the Isobel Whitaker Shield.

6  Nancy Bednard was the first coach of the Tsawwassen club (for 3 years) when they started operations in 1989. They had no one to coach them, since they were just starting from scratch (74% of their charter members had never bowled).  Nancy resigned from the board at the end of the 2011 season, having served on the board for 25 consecutive years.  Nancy is also one of only three people (Stan Carey being the other) to serve multiple separate terms as president.

7  Dr. John Aveline not only has served the longest single term as president (5 years), but is the first Kerrisdale bowler to represent Canada.  In 2010 he played in the North American Challenge as part of the Canadian National Team and in 2011 played in the Asia Pacific Championships in Adelaide Australia where he was on the men's fours team that won bronze.


Women's Club Singles Champions

The club's records do not go back further than 1976

Men's Club Singles Champions

The club's 'champions boards' go back only as far as 1970, but the Match Committee kept very good records from 1939 to 1963 and for most of those years they recorded the winners of all club competitions, leagues and aggregates.  For many years the Men's Club Singles represented the club in the Chambers Singles which was the Provincial Singles Championships, held during B.C. Week.