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Week #4 Handout

Taking our Game to the Next Level

Team Management – Game Plan

Most teams have a game plan, but it is little more than trying to score more than the opponents.

  • Length: what length we are planning on playing and where we are going to put the mat (be prepared to change this plan to adapt to circumstances – this may happen after trial ends)

  • Roles & Goals: what is each member of the team going to be responsible for and what standard is player going to aim for (e.g., lead will play for 70% success throwing the jack, 33% of bowls within 2’, 66% of bowls either within 2’ or behind); in a 15 end game of triples, you throw 45 bowls

  • Communication: how much or how little we are going to communicate; what signals we are going to use; how we are going to support each other

  • Planned stops: when are we going to pause during the game to assess where we are and where we want to be (e.g. after every 5 ends and after scoring or giving up 5+ shots)


A few competitive drills

2 players start at each rink with 3 bowls; players decide which bowl is theirs; play out the end; the winner is the one who is shot; winner moves up, loser stays; winner picks which bowl is theirs next end and goes first.

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